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February 5, 2020 | For Immediate Release
OTTAWA, ON - Today, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) to End Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking is pleased to announce the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act in the Senate. The legislation will be tabled in the Senate by APPG member Senator Julie Miville-Dechêne. Modern slavery is deeply embedded in Canadian economic supply chains where it is out of sight from companies and consumers. If you have purchased shrimp, shopped for clothes, consumed chocolate, or bought products with lithium batteries then you may have inadvertently...

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From three founders in an Ottawa church basement to supporting more than 47,500 family farmers in 14 countries.

Wednesday October 9th, 2019 (Ottawa) — La Siembra Co-operative, producer of popular Camino chocolate bars and cocoa, is celebrating its 20th year. In 1999 three founders bought a small mixing machine and set it up in the basement of a church in Ottawa were they manually canned tins of hot chocolates and cocoa powders with the help of volunteers. 

Long before fair trade and environmental concerns were front-page news, La Siembra became the first...

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Joint Media Release | May 6, 2019 — On the same day the UN released its dire report on the state of the planet’s biodiversity, a growing movement of youth, artists, workers, Indigenous peoples, scientists and faith leaders, including more than 60 organizations, unions and associations, launched a Pact for a Green New Deal in three cities across the country. The coalition includes...
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Canada’s 7th National Fair Trade Conference will be held in Ottawa, Ontario this year. As the conscious consumer and global citizen movement continues to grow in Canada, the National Fair Trade Conference has become a key event that brings together civil society, business, institutional leaders, and government to learn, share and connect with sustainability stakeholders from coast to coast.

The Conference ties together international development and sustainability with better business practice and trade and explores how the fair trade grassroots, non-profit partners,...

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Humber’s support for Fair Trade started more than a year ago when a Steering Committee was formed to achieve Fair Trade Campus Designation at the Lakeshore Campus. With North campus now on board, Humber College is the first college in Ontario to have multiple campuses that are Fair Trade designated!

“Humber North has shown true commitment to creating a sustainable and socially responsible campus. As winners of the Fair Trade Campus Week All-Star challenge and now as Canada’s 35th Fair Trade Campus, we’re privileged to have such leaders representing our Fair Trade Campus community.”...

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