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OTTAWA, ON—Canadian campuses are taking initiative to help address some of the most disadvantaged producer communities in the world. The University of Ottawa (uOttawa) is the latest to achieve Fair Trade Campus designation, awarded by Fairtrade Canada to institutions that demonstrate outstanding commitments to increasing the availability and awareness of Fairtrade certified products.

The designation was awarded by Marika Escaravage, Communications and Community Relations Specialist at Fairtrade Canada, to Lucie Mercier-...

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"There's A Business Case for Fair Trade" originally appeared in the Brandon Sun's “Small World” Column, March 10, 2014

by Zack Gross

There was a time when fair trade was part of the idealistic world of charitable or justice-seeking activities that take place under the subject heading of “international development” and not part of the profit-seeking business world.  Today, those two worlds have found common ground...

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As part of International Women's day last Saturday, Just Us! Coffee announced that they will be celebrating women in agriculture throughout 2014. The co-operative will release a number of limited edition coffees processed and sold by the women producers of the Casil co-operative in Northern Peru. Forty three of the members at Casil are women, which is also run by the mother, wife, and farmer, Maximina Garcia Huancas.

Kathy Day of Just Us! wrote in a recent blog post, "Over the course of the years and many...

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"City of Vancouver: Community leaders raise the bar for municipalities in Canada" was originally published in the Winter/Spring 2014 edition of Fair Trade Magazine


Consistently ranked as one of the most livable cities in the world, the City of Vancouver has also won several environmental awards and aims to be the world’s greenest city by the year 2020. But for Vancouver, green and...

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In a recent article at, Oliver Nieburg wrote about a recent speaker at the ISM trade show. Fortin Bley, president of the Fairtrade Africa Cocoa Network and secretary general of the CANN co-op in the Ivory Coast, talked about the difficulties faced by cocoa farmers. He poignantly stated, "If I live, I can produce cocoa. If I die, I will produce no more cocoa. You will not...

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