2020 Vision

The CFTN seeks the support of fair trade principles from a broad representation of Canadian society by 2020.

Primary Outcomes

    • increase supply and demand for fair trade products in Canada
    • ensure fair trade expands with integrity

Fair trade represents a growing movement. To achieve its potential, it is crucial that its proponents not only maintain high expectations, but that they also work to improve its standards. In 2013, the CFTN collaborated with its working partners, Engineers Without Borders and Fairtrade Canada, in consulting representatives from a range of stakeholders that include

    • community groups
    • businesses
    • public institutions
    • certifying bodies

In working with a range of partners, the CFTN aims to build a strong, unified vision for the Canadian fair trade movement for the year 2020. 

2020 Vision pdf

*Updtated December 18, 2013