We are going to engage Canada’s federal government to adopt policies that advance the values outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through fair trade. By designing thoroughly researched and well-informed advocacy campaigns we can empower Fair Trade Town and Campus leaders across Canada to lobby for policies that fulfill our vision for a fair and sustainable world.

We plan to develop and drive national political advocacy campaigns by following these steps:

  • Research and build campaigns with clear goals and specific policy asks
  • Rally fair trade advocates around the campaign; ask them to engage their local MPs
  • Build upon grassroots momentum by directly engaging the federal government

We have five focus areas:

  • Focus Area 1: Drive Sustainable Public Procurement 
  • Focus Area 2: Encourage Global Affairs Canada to Support Fair Trade Producers and Co-ops in the Global South through Official Development Assistance (ODA) Spending 
  • Focus Area 3: Reform Trade Policy
  • Focus Area 4: Fair Trade Nation Standards
  • Focus Area 5: Reform Labelling Laws