We will lobby Canada’s federal government to adopt policies that advance the values outlined in the UN’s SDGs through fair trade. By designing thoroughly researched and well-informed advocacy campaigns we can empower Fair Trade Town and Campus leaders across Canada to lobby for policies that fulfill our vision for a fair and sustainable world.

With over 100 active Fair Trade Town and Campus groups across the country, the fair trade movement is perfectly positioned to support and drive large-scale advocacy campaigns. While designation requirements will remain the same, and these programs will continue to work with businesses and institutions to raise awareness about fair trade products and purchasing policies, we see advocacy as an important facet in the next phase of the fair trade movement.

Working together is essential for success. We plan to create partnerships with organizations already advocating for these issues, and work alongside them to achieve our shared goals.

We have five focus areas:

  • Priority 1: Sustainable Public Procurement
  • Priority 2: Official Development Assistance (ODA) Spending
  • Priority 3: Consumer Protection and Labelling Laws
  • Priority 4: Trade Policy and Agreements 
  • Priority 5: Fair Trade Nation Standards

Looking Forward

  • Global Inequality
  • Tax Avoidance and Evasion