Annual General Meetings

Our next AGM is scheduled for:

  • Day: March 12th, 2020
  • Time: 3:30pm - 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time
  • City: Calgary, Alberta
  • Location: Hotel Arts, Room: Galleria
  • Call-in Details: Join Zoom Meeting: | Call in # 1.647.558.0588 | Meeting ID: 138 604 497
Meeting Agenda:
3:30 – Call to Order and Welcome
3:35 – Agenda – Presentation and Acceptance
  • 2019 AGM Minutes – Review and acceptance

3:40 – President’s Report
3:45 – Staff Report
3:50 – 2019 Annual Report
4:00 – 2019 Financial Report
4:05 – Strategic Plan Update
4:10 – Other Business:

  • Harassment Policies & Procedures
  • Fair Trade Labels Evaluation
4:30 – Election of Directors (up to 12 total seats)
  • 4 seats are not up for election this year (Directors were elected on February 28th, 2019. They will be up for election in 2021). Eric St Pierre (QC), Emanuel Lukawiecki (ON), Keslyn Ayow James (Atlantic) and Larissa Kanhai (MB). *Fouzia Bazid stepped down early, as of December 4th, 2019. *Mireille Saurette is stepping down early, as of the AGM.
  • 8 seats are up for election:
    • Notes on seats:
      • Regional allocation – of the 8 open seats, 1 seat must be held for each of the following regions: BC, AB, SK. The other 4 can be allocated to any province (to a maximum of 3 seats per province). Our bylaws outline 7 regions in Canada, and each region is allocated a minimum of 1 seat. We currently have directors in MB, ON, QC & Atlantic, we therefore need a minimum of 1 director for BC, AB & SK.
      • Seats are open to all members in good standing.
      • Restrictions: Directors must not have direct interest in the commercial selling or certifying of fair trade products (in accordance with the articles).
    • Candidates:
      • Current Board members interested to run again:
      • Erin Bird (AB), Kenneth Boddy (ON)
      • *Special thanks to Bev Toews, Rita Steele, and Tabatha Sander who are stepping down from their positions on the board.
      • Nominations/Interested Candidates:
      • Daphna Lewinshtein (ON), Rhonda West (AB), Giada Simone (QC), Annaliese Beck-McKenzie (SK)
    • Election process:
      • Presentations from all interested candidates will be made
      • Nominations from the floor will be heard
      • A vote will then be carried out.
4:50 – General discussion/Q&A
5:00 – Meeting Adjournment

Minutes From our previous AGM's: