Engaging Tim Horton's

The Canadian Fair Trade Network, along with Simon Fraser University, are requesting a meeting with Sami Siddiqui, the president and chief operating officer of Tim Hortons, to request that Tim Hortons offer Fairtrade Certified products, notably coffee and sugar on Canadian campuses.

The Fair Trade movement continues to gain momentum across Canada, in particular the Fair Trade Campus program, which currently has 19 designated campuses. This is a reflection of the changing values on campus, where students expect the products they purchase to cultivate and support positive international social change. 

Tim Horton's sustainability and responsibility report explains how "The majority of the coffee we purchase comes from "small holder" farms that tend to be family-run with less than five hectares ... coffee can be traded along its supply chain several times among the producers and processors, resulting in numerous transactions and changes in the custody of the coffee". We hope to educate the franchise on the benefits of fair trade for the "small holder" farms that run their company and shed light on the terrible forms of exploitation that occur during the "numerous transactions and changes in the custody of the coffee" before it reaches Canadian campuses. 

To learn more about how to get involved please email us at info(at)cftn.ca. 

Start Date: 
Tuesday, August 9, 2016 to Saturday, December 31, 2016
The Canadian Fair Trade Network & Simon Fraser University