Fair Trade Campus Week 2012

This March 5 - 10 is the first annual National Fair Trade Week! Queen’s University has taken the lead and decided it was time to have a national week dedicated to promoting Fair Trade on campus. The initiative aims to promote awareness and connect university students with the impact of the products we consume. A series of quick and engaging activities will educate students and encourage them, as consumers, to demand ethically sourced and sustainable products.

Fair Trade Week!

Queens University

The featured events planned at Queen’s include a Fair Trade Scavenger Hunt, an African Farmer Video Blog, and many more. Also in support of Fair Trade, Queen’s student Phil Schleihauf will attempt to break the world record for unicycling the fastest 100 miles!

University of British Columbia

The featured events at UBC include Flash mobs, scavenger hunts, a Fair Trade Fair, lunch and Learsn and a host of other great activities 

University of Ottawa
In Ottawa, the University of Ottawa is running Fair Trade Friday, where students can enjoy a fresh cup of Fair Trade coffee to get them through their day!

How can you get involved?

Queen’s is still hoping to grow Fair Trade Week and they hope that you can join the  University of British Columbia, UBC Okanagan, University of Ottawa, University of Waterloo, Simon Fraser University, and McGill University in this inaugural campaign. For further information, please contact the Queens University team at 8rbh2@queensu.ca or visit them on the fairtradeweek.ca website for ideas, guidelines and how to get your university on the official Fair Trade Week website.!

Start Date: 
Monday, March 5, 2012 to Friday, March 9, 2012