Fair Trade Campus Week 2013

The fair trade movement in Canada is gaining momentum, and it's due largely to the leadership of universities and colleges from across the country. To continue this momentum, we're pushing campuses to participate in the first annual National Fair Trade Campus Week this September 23 to 27.

Fair Trade Flash Mob takes UBC by storm

We challenge students, administrations, faculties, and food service providers to get creative, engage their communities, and spread the word.

What’s available? FREE STUFF!

  1. Fair trade products: In support of the event, companies have donated loads of fair trade products. If you’re interested in taking part, we’ll send you a free package of fair trade chocolate, coffee, and other products.
  2. Information and promotional materials: We have plenty of information and promotions materials – buttons, stickers, handouts, bumper stickers - to help educate and inform.
  3. Campus event materials: We've prepared event posters and design templates to help connect your campus to the larger event. There's more on the way, so stay tuned. 
    sfu FT
    The "Justice League" superheroes challenge SFU President Andrew Petter to make the university a Fair Trade Campus

*Order your materials and products today! (contact info below)

What's in store for the week? 

September is approaching fast, so start thinking about what you can do to get your community's attention. Consider organizing a flash mob - or better yet, a fair mob, dropping off consumer demand cards in stores. You could also plan giveways, speaking events, and/or special fair trade challenges. Better yet, since you know your campus best, get creative and plan your own attention-grabbing event.

For ideas on how to engage your campus, we've come up with five themes for fair trade - one for every day of the week: Drink Fair, Eat Fair, Play Fair, Speak Fair, and Buy Fair. 


 Promotional Materials Available:

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Addiitonal Materials Available:

Contact Information:

Start Date: 
Monday, September 23, 2013 to Friday, September 27, 2013
The Canadian Fair Trade Network and Fairtrade Canada