Fair Trade Campus Week 2014

power of you

Theme: The Power of You

The Power of You campaign was launched on May 1, 2014 and is all about the choices we make. Digital and hard copy materials are available:

  • Digital materials and brand guidelines – Download
  • Print materials – Request

Tools Available                                                                                        

  • Products: Do you want free products?!! Send your completed request form to communications@fairtrade.ca and we’ll arrange to have companies send products directly to you!
  • Promotional materials:
    • Fairtrade Canada buttons, stickers, bumper stickers - Request
    • Fair Trade Magazine - More info

Kickoff Event

Ideas for engagement:

  • Run a competition

  • Do giveaways, prize draws or gift baskets

  • Write stories and engage media

  • Be on social media – look for #FTCampus & #FairTrade

  • Partner with other organizations and events on campus

  • Connect with the Fair Trade Group in your area

  • Create a music video for this classic 80s song displaying your campus and the Power of You campaign  www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BRv9wGf5pk

Start a petition – Do you want to become a Fair Trade Campus? Collect names during events and outreach activities throughout the week

Daily Themes and Activities

Focus activities on products and sub-themes to maximize impact and reach

Day 1 – Monday – Chocolate Day

  • Sub-theme – Learn
  • Screen a film

Day 2 – Tuesday – Banana Day

  • Sub-theme - Teach
  • Run learning sessions and presentations

Day 3 – Wednesday – Coffee Day

  • Sub-theme – Drink
  • Free or 99-cent coffee day – students arrange with administrations or food services to provide daily deals on coffee

Day 4 – Thursday – Sugar Day

  • Sub-theme – Eat
  • Bake sales and giveaways

Day 5 – Friday – Tea Day

  • Sub-theme – Promote
  • Create awareness through public-facing events – flash mob, largest brownie celebrations
  • Submit your petition and further the converstation!

power of you

Start Date: 
Monday, September 22, 2014 to Friday, September 26, 2014
The Canadian Fair Trade Network and Fairtrade Canada