Fair Trade Campus Week 2015

Celebrating fair trade, engaging students, driving awareness and having fun on Canadian Campuses!

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Campaign & Event Ideas

  • Product focus (coffee, tea, sugar and chocolate days)
  • Bake-offs – brownie, cakes, muffins using Fairtrade ingredients, etc.
  • Food centred events – chocolate fountain, sampling, etc.
  • 99 cent coffee days
  • Set up Lunch & Learn events
  • Run giveaways
  • Use trivia to engage students
  • Set up a prize wheel
  • Set up display tables
  • Partner with existing events
  • Signage and promotion 

Product Donation

Fairtrade Canada will lead product donation by matching up Campuses with Fairtrade companies/products. Contact communications@fairtrade.ca for more details!


  • Fill out the Fairtrade product request form (available in both languages) by August 12.
  • Fairtrade Canada already started reaching out to Fairtrade companies.
  • Fairtrade Canada will be in touch with Campuses who have requested products by no later than August 28, to allow Campuses to plan accordingly.
  • Delivery of product will begin no later than September 9.


  • Campuses will be responsible for completing and submitting a recap report (type of activities, number of people reached, etc.), to be submitted to Fairtrade Canada. You will be contacted by Fairtrade Canada to submit this information.
  • Fairtrade Canada will then compile and send a final report out to donating Fairtrade companies.

Media & Communications

Use and follow:
  • #FTCampus | #CampusÉquitable
  • #FairTrade | #CommerceÉquitable

Canadian Fair Trade Network
Visit our website for producer stories (from our magazine) and campaign ideas.

Fairtrade Canada
Fairtrade producer images, stories, videos are already up on our website. Stay tuned for more on producers, for social media posts and a Fair Trade Campus Week Stamp!

Association québécoise du commerce équitable

Marketing & Creative

Digital Graphicsdigital graphic

Hard copy promotional material

Fair Trade Magazine

Start Date: 
Monday, September 21, 2015 to Friday, September 25, 2015
The Canadian Fair Trade Network, Fairtrade Canada & various partners across Canada!