Queens University

African Video Blog Monday

We will be showing footage from African farmers both on the farm and interviews with them. We will be playing the video in the Queen’s Centre throughout the day. Stop by to get an insight to a day in the life of a farmer and learn a bit more about what fairtrade is!

Grow your own coffee Tuesday

We are going to tangibly show the various steps involved in the growing of coffee beans, including the length of time spent on each step.We will have coffee beans, a coffee plant, and seeds as well as pictures of the various other steps involved in this process. We hope to make people aware of the time and effort put into making a single cup of coffee, and the draw parallels with the comparably small compensation which the farmers receive. You will also have the chance to grind your own fairtrade coffee beans.

Fair Trade Scavenger Hunt Wednesday

Teams will sign up to run around the Kingston area finding as many fair-trade retailers as possible and getting stamps. The team who finds the most retailers within the time limit wins! The prize is a supply of fair-trade coffee during exam time! You can sign up your team on Monday/Tuesday in the ARC and pick up your card on Wednesday in the ILC (room TBA).

Fair Disruptions Thursday

Time to take action, come out to the Queen’s Centre to sign a petition, pick up a fair disruption card and walk past a typical timeline for a coffee grower in Africa. The typical timeline for a coffee bean farmer will be shown on a long poster board, which the students can walk along. At the end of the walk, the students will have the opportunity to sign a petition/send an email to the university food suppliers demanding fair-trade/pick up a card for the “Fair Disruptions” Campaign (details can be found at http://www.cftn.ca/CFTN/FairDisruptions–Students will ask for fair-trade from Tim Hortons and other major non fair-trade suppliers and then leave the card in the suggestion box). This event gives students the opportunity to take action!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Fair Trade Banana) - Friday

It's simple - bring a fair trade banana and you'll get an ice cream sundae! This event is an effort to make fair-trade a lot of fun, and attract a lot of attention from the university. Students with a fair-trade banana (available for purchase from John’s Deli in Kingston) will receive an icecream sundae loaded with toppings!  We will also be filming the students, with their permission, as we talk with them about fair-trade!

RecordSMASH - Saturday

Queen’s University student Phil Schleihauf will attempt to break the world record for unicycling the fastest 100 miles in support of Fair Trade on the Saturday.  Kingston residents are encouraged to attend the event to enjoy the live music, fair-trade chocolate fondue, and learn-to-unicycle workshops. Find out more!!!

Get involved!
We encourage you to celebrate this week with us! You can run some events at your campus or commit to purchasing Fair Trade products. Everyone can help make this week a success! If you are interested in learning more check out our website at www.fairtradeweek.ca and feel free to contact myself, Rachel, at 8rbh2@queensu.ca if you have any questions or would like some resources to get started!