Fair Trade Halloween fundraiser with Camino chocolate

Households across the country will soon be on the hunt for goodies to give to “trick or treaters”. Let’s make sure they offer Fair Trade trick or treats this year!

A fundraising offer for Fair Trade groups

Camino is offering a special fundraising rate on our Fairtrade & Organic chocolate candy bars (4 flavours available) and chocolate minis to Fair Trade groups across the country.

This is a chance to encourage people within your reach to offer Fair Trade trick or treat options this Halloween and also to raise funds to support your Fair Trade group.

How does it work?

There are two ways to fundraise with Camino products for Halloween:

1) Using the attached order form, submit your order to liane@lasiembra.com before midnight on October 16th for the amount of product that you anticipate selling within your network


2) Using the attached fundraiser tracking form, collect individual orders and payment from people within your network. Using the attached order form, submit a combined order to liane@lasiembra.com before midnight on October 16th. You will then need to make your own arrangements to distribute the individual orders (everything will be shipped to you by Friday October 26th at the latest).

Here is a quick calculation tool to inform your fundraising efforts:


Case of chocolate candy bars* (20 bars per case)

Dispenser of chocolate minis (200 minis)

Bulk format of chocolate minis (888 minis)

Cost (per item)




Suggested resale price (per item)




Fundraising earnings

(per item)




*Four flavours available, please see the attached order sheet for details.

Order formsCamino

Fundraiser Information and Tools

Promo Materials


A few suggestions to get you started:

Tools to support your fundraising campaign

  • Use the attached fundraising tracking sheet to track individual orders from within your network. There is also a built-in feature that allows you to monitor the amount of funds that you have raised!
  • Use the attached promotional poster to further support your fundraising efforts.
  • Use the attached promotional banner to further support your fundraising efforts (ex: add to your website, in your email signature, post on facebook or share through twitter).

A few key selling points

  • Ultimately, your customers will be able to offer a Fair Trade option on Halloween for only 75 cents per trick or treater (either 1 Camino chocolate candy bar or 3 Camino chocolate minis).
  • Your customer will be doing their part to promote Fair Trade in two ways by participating in this Halloween fundraiser: 1) by directly supporting your Fair Trade group and 2) by offering a Fair Trade trick or treat option on Halloween.
  • Camino products are Fairtrade & Organic certified and delicious of course!
  • The chocolate candy bars have been fully transformed and packaged in Peru, which further supports local communities of family farmers.

Where to get additional Fair Trade promotional materials?

Be sure to visit the Fairtrade Canada website where you can order FREE swag to further support your Fair Trade Halloween fundraising campaign. Brochures, stickers, buttons, and more! 


Please contact Nicole Lulham at nicole@lasiembra.com or 613-235-6122 ext. 270.