Tools to support your fundraising campaign

  • Use the attached fundraising tracking sheet to track individual orders from within your network. There is also a built-in feature that allows you to monitor the amount of funds that you have raised!

A few key selling points

  • Camino products are Fairtrade & Organic certified and delicious of course!
  • The snack-size chocolate bars are fully transformed and packaged in Peru, which further supports local communities of family farmers.
  • The Camino brand is owned by La Siembra Co-op, a Canadian co-operative based in Ottawa, ON.


Where to get additional fair trade promotional materials?

Be sure to visit the Fairtrade Canada website where you can order FREE swag to further support your fair trade Halloween fundraising campaign. Brochures, stickers, buttons, and more!

Questions?  Please contact Shannon Devine at or 613-235-6122 ext. 295.

Learn more about Camino

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