Fair Trade Karma 2013

Fair Trade Karma is a Campaign led by our friends over at Fairtrade Canada and will carry through from May 1st till the end of the year!Karma 2

Full campaign details are available on their websites: 

While campaign materials can be acquired (free of charge!) by contacting communications@fairtrade.ca

Date and Campaign Ideas:

Key Dates:
  • Fortnights – May 1st to the 15th, 2013
  • World Fair Trade Day – May 11th, 2013

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  1. Have you ever thought about a Carrot Mob? Or a buycott?
    1. Show your support by planning a day to “mob” a company doing good things; you may even receive some Fair Trade Karma in the process!
    2. Fair Trade Manitoba’s recent carrot mob brought considerable media attention in Winnipeg, while at the same time brought a six fold increase in sales to the shop that was chosen!!!
  2. How about a Fair mob – Do you want to see more Fair Trade products?! Consider dropping into your local grocery store or coffee shop to kick up a conversation
    1. Head in with Fairtrade Canada consumer cards, so you have something to leave behind, you know, to jog their memory the next time they go to make a decision!
    2. You may consider taking this community wide; you may consider selecting a specific location or chain and focusing your attention!
  3. Lunch & Learn– Work at an office? Or know someone working at an office?
    1. Consider setting up a lunch time presentation to talk about Fair Trade and what their office can do to make considerable impact
  4. Grocery store tours– want to know a little bit more about where to find Fair Trade products in your community? Want to share that knowledge with others?
    1. Then organize a tour of your local shop, talk to the staff and get that conversation started
  5. Form a Karma squad! Fairtrade Canada may just have a few tricks up their sleeve yet and with the Karma nearly set to kick off, they’ve guide all sorts of gear to set you and your team up right!
    1. Inquire about t-shirts and other campaign materials at communications@fairtrade.ca
  6. Take it public– Share, tweet, post, pin and push the word out as far as you can!
    1. Make it known through your website, social media sites, press releases, etc. as together we can collaboratively build a buzz!
  7. Host a speaking event, a cupping or a chocolate tasting
  8. Screen a film and discuss the issues
  9. Partner with other events already going on
    1. Carrefour de solidarité internationale has done an incredible job working with the Canada Games that are being held this year in Sherbrooke
  10. Connect with those already doing good things and bring them onboard!
    1. Celebrities, non-profit organizations, businesses, institutions and businesses to celebrate the goods things that are happening.
  11. Setup free Fair Trade coffee/tea/baked good events and tables and engage people about the movement
  12. Hold an open mic night at a local Fair Trade coffee shop that includes info and conversation about Fair Trade
Start Date: 
Wednesday, May 1, 2013 to Tuesday, December 31, 2013