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September 22, 2016 | Mississauga, Ontario.  “Fair Trade”, declares Vicky Jezierski, Director of Hospitality & Retail Services at UTM, “is not just about providing products but about educating students about the social and economic issues from around the globe.”  Andrea De Vito, Assistant Director of Hospitality & Retail Services states that “as a post-secondary institution, we feel a responsibility to the students to make sustainability an everyday focus of their lives so that, when they enter into their careers, they can act with...

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The Canadian Fair Trade Network believes that connecting with producers firsthand is essential in changing how we think about and look at the products that we purchase each day. 

We believe that it is important to understand agriculture and how we come to see products on our grocery store shelves, given our global economic model. Fair trade must be linked to this understanding, by meeting and talking with the actual people who either grow or make the products that...

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August 30, 2016 | Montreal, Quebec. It’s official! Concordia has become a Fair Trade Designated Campus. This means that all residence dining halls, non-franchised campus cafés and student-run cafés are stocked with 100 per cent fair trade coffee, at least three fair trade teas and a minimum of one fair trade chocolate (where chocolate is served).

The status solidifies Concordia’s commitment to increasing the scope and availability of ethical products on campus. It also represents an opportunity to further raise awareness and extend discussions on social...

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Consider murgh makhani, better known in Canada as butter chicken. The dish, first whipped up in a small Delhi restaurant to save leftover chicken from spoiling, is now a fixture on the global menu—a prime example of the world’s seemingly effortless culinary cosmopolitanism.

The story is in the spices. Once almost impossible to obtain in Europe or North America, now the ingredients of a good butter...

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The Canadian Fair trade Network in partnership with the Canadian Teachers' Federation (CTF) is seeking 10 schools to pursue and achieve Fair Trade School designation by December 31, 2016.

This pilot project provides an incentive of $300 to each of the 10 schools that qualify to participate. Examples of eligible expenses could be website and/or social media development, a Fair Trade school flag, banana constumes, newsletters, posters, events such as a film night, lunch and learn etc.

We only have 5 spots left in the program, so hurry, this could be your opportunity to educate...

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