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January 25, 2016 | Sherbrooke, Quebec. The University of Sherbrooke has become Canada’s 12th Fair Trade Campus! The University has been committed to supporting fair trade for many years, and has being doing so through its purchasing and public engagement activities. Today however, it becomes official! "As an educational institution, our contribution to the growth of fair trade is another tangible way to respond to the concerns of our students and staff about sustainable development, commented Alain Webster, Vice-President of sustainable development and Vice-President at...

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January 21, 2016 | London, Ontario. Conversations about fair trade began within the Western chapter of Engineers Without Borders in 2010, when the team set a clear mandate to work towards becoming a Fair Trade Campus. Since then, they have been running major awareness campaigns around campus such as Fair Trade Campus Week and My Fair Valentine. In 2013, support grew, as two important university partners - Hospitality Services and the University Student Council (USC) got onboard. In 2014, Hospitality Services...

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LaSalle, Quebec | December 3, 2015. Cavelier-De LaSalle High School has been designated Quebec’s 2nd and Canada’s 4th Fair Trade School. The new designation was announced at an event at the High school on December 3rd.

"It is an honor to say that my school is a Fair Trade School! It's a great feeling knowing that we can help people. This is a great recognition for members who have given their time and led with their hearts" Gabriella Popescu, President of the Magasin du Monde (World Shop) at Cavelier-De LaSalle.

"The undeniable...

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Take a tally of the most readily available certified Fairtrade ingredients—chocolate, cocoa, sugar, coconut, cinnamon, nuts (the list goes on)—and you’ve got the foundation for hundreds of desserts. And while there are many certified Fairtrade ingredients that aren't cakery staples (think avocado), it can be hard to find a Fairtrade-heavy dish that doesn’t lead to a toothache.

Enter mole: the sauce that eats like a dessert. But not really. Because mole has something that most desserts don’t have: a spicy kick in the mouth. 


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It is hard not to appreciate the delicate symmetry of an Ecuadorian rose. Flower-buying Canadians agree; in 2013, 59 percent of Canada’s 130 million imported roses came from Ecuador. Another 39 percent, more than 50 million, came from Colombia. Roses make a classic romantic gift, but when you consider how workers endure low pay, long hours, dangerous conditions, and flaky contracts, the bouquet you hand out—no matter the occasion—could symbolize much more than your affection.

A history of strained labour relations...

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