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On April 25th, 2015, Nepal was rocked by a 7.9 magaitude earthquake. With the epicentre near to the capital Kathmandu, vast amounts of distruction have been witnessed, which has included the loss of many lives, now well into the thousands. Our thoughts go out to the people of Nepal, as we wish them the best with their recovery.

If you're looking for ways to help, the CFTN reccomends contacting or donating directly to:

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April 7 2015 – Boucherville, QC: École secondaire De Mortagne in Boucherville, Quebec leads the way nationally by becoming Canada’s first Fair Trade School. Fairtrade Canada’s newly launched Fair Trade School Program recognizes schools demonstrating strong commitment to fair trade. It is now a...

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The April sky is clean and blue over Vancouver, save for a few clouds loitering above the ridges of the North Shore mountains. On the pitch at Andy Livingstone Park, the players are a blur of lime-green and red pinnies. The ball arcs through the air, transecting the field and landing at the feet of Sizwe Dlamini. In three strides, Dlamini ranges past the final red-clad defender and, clear at the top of the box, loads up. A stab of his lime-green boot propels the ball along the turf and under the keeper....

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia – A&W Food Services of Canada Inc., the nation’s second largest hamburger restaurant company with 819 locations coast-to-coast, is bringing to its customers organic, Fair Trade coffee.

The brewed coffee is exclusively blended and roasted for A&W by Montreal-based master roaster Van Houtte.

The lively 100% Arabica, organic, Fair Trade blend is rich and full bodied in taste and always served fresh. Together with any of A&W’s range of fresh-to-order breakfast offerings, it is the perfect start to any morning.

“We began our...

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When I eat a warm-out-of-the-oven banana chocolate chip muffin, a wave of chocolatey comfort rolls over me. And then I eat my fourth, and then my fifth, and what remains is more of a lingering guilt and—much to the detriment of anyone around me—a rather obnoxious sugar-high.   

What can I say? I lack self-control. But calories aside, there is more to think about when snacking on your standard banana chocolate chip muffin.


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