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On January 21, 1980, with an over-inflated US dollar, and cannons still cooling from the recent Iranian revolution and Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the price of gold soared to a-then-unheard-of US$850 per ounce. The next day, the price nosedived. But the surge had launched a new economic path for millions of workers in the developing world: artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASM). Over the next three decades, the price of gold fluctuated (reaching an all-time low of US$251.71 per ounce in 1999), but greater numbers of impoverished men and women...

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Abu al Balad, dressed in a traditional black tunic, drives an old, unsteady tractor toward his olive grove on the opposite side of Burqin village. The early morning sun streams between concrete houses, lighting the twisting rugged bark of the neighbourhood trees. I cling awkwardly to the side of al Balad’s tractor as we rumble along dirt roads, over hills, and across agricultural plains—all of which hasn’t changed in hundreds of years.

Precious oil

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Earlier this week, the government of Australia announced that it would be allocating $4.5 million "to build support for Fairtrade products in Australia and link smallholder producers in developing Indo-Pacific countries to international and regional markets". This is incredibly exciting. It is something that the Canadian Government could learn from and is something that needs to be seriously considered in the years ahead.

Traditional aid models have evolved greatly in recent years, but further evolution is needed. Connecting "aid" to empowerment, through fair...

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Last week, Fair Trade Winnipeg (FTW) officially launched their campaign to make Winnipeg a Fair Trade Town. The launch took place at the newly opened Canadian Museum of Human Rights and featured speakers from community leaders, local academics, and other national stakeholders. In tandem with the event, FTW also published its new website.

FTW will be run by a steering...

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Sustainable Business Magazine is the only industry publication focusing solely on sustainable business development.

The magazine, and accompanying website, provides a platform for senior executives to showcase the ways in which they’re attempting to meet 21st century challenges. Detailed features on new initiatives and cutting edge projects, combined with up-to-date news on policies,...

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