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The 2014 National Conference: Leadership in Fair Trade, held January 9 to 11, 2014, brought together stakeholders from across the fair trade movement in Canada. It provided an opportunity for attendees to work together in identifying current issues and goals moving forward.

Attended by businesses, certifiers, non-profit partners, institutions, Fair Trade Towns and Campus delegates, and advocacy campaigners, it was an inspirational event that left many with much to work towards in the coming year.

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Editor's Note: The following is a press release issued by Fairtrade International on January 16, 2014. More information on changes to the Hired Labour Standards can be found at Fairtrade International.

16 January 2014, Bonn, Germany - Fairtrade International has overhauled its Fairtrade Standard for Hired Labour to strengthen the position of workers in Fairtrade certified plantations and estates producing tea, bananas and other fruit, cut flowers,...

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Editor's Note: The following was published by the
Brandon Sun in the "Small World" Column on Monday, January 20, 2014.

by Zack Gross

The Canadian Fair Trade Network, which represents thousands of people working in fair trade businesses, sitting on fair trade school, campus and town committees, and connecting fair trade to their work on behalf of poor nations in the Global South, met in Toronto this month for its second Annual General Meeting and three...

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Our 2014 Winter/Spring edition of Fair Trade Magazine marks one year as a national publication. In 2013, we distributed 29,000 copies and still struggled to keep up with demand. That's why we've increased circulation to 30,000 for this January. 

In this issue, we look at how political and cultural conflicts create barriers for olive farmers in Palestine. It can be a difficult situation, but producers have shown that they’re prepared to meet these challenges—much like the resilience...

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Yesterday, we finished our three-day conference, Leadership in Fair Trade. Thank you to everyone who participated to make the event a huge success. We are all leaving the last day's sessions with a great sense of inspiration and motivation — and with the knowledge that there are hundreds of people across the country working to promote fair trade in Canada.

Mark McLaughlin, Executive Director of Simon Fraser University's Ancillary Services, in a workshop session led by him, offered great perspective for advocates. He explained that when he first started learning about fair trade, he...

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