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In a recent article at ConfectioneryNews.com, Oliver Nieburg wrote about a recent speaker at the ISM trade show. Fortin Bley, president of the Fairtrade Africa Cocoa Network and secretary general of the CANN co-op in the Ivory Coast, talked about the difficulties faced by cocoa farmers. He poignantly stated, "If I live, I can produce cocoa. If I die, I will produce no more cocoa. You will not...

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Carissa Vados, recent addition to the Fair Trade Toronto team, has started a new blog, where she'll be exploring Toronto and writing about two of her great passions: coffee and fair trade.

Taking on Canada's largest urban landscape, she'll be visiting a number of coffee shops serving fair trade coffee and other products and sharing her experiences.

As an advocate for fair trade, having worked with Fair Trade Vancouver in achieving its Fair Trade designation in 2011, she has also worked with Engineers Without Borders and spent time in Africa learning about the positive impacts...

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Marike de Peña, former Vice Chair, is the Director of Banelino, a 400-member banana co-operative in the Dominican Republic, and has recently been elected to chair the Fairtrade International Board.

The development follows in the trend of including more producers in the decision-making bodies at Fairtrade International. Last year, the General Assembly was restructured so that producers held 50 percent of votes.

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Doi Chaang Coffee was recently featured on an episode of the Travel Channel's Dangerous Grounds with Todd Carmichael.

The segment features Carmichael who visits the Doi Chaang village and meets with John Darch and the late Khun Wicha, both co-founding members of Doi Chaang Coffee. There isn't much talk on fair trade, but we get a good glimpse of the producer facilities in Doi Chaang village. Watch the video below.


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It's great to see community and campus groups host their own fair trade-themed Valentines awareness events last week.

Carol Nabanoba Musoke was recently featured on the University of Manitoba's website for her efforts with Engineers Without Borders. The group sold fair trade sweets and gift packages at two events leading up to Valentine's Day.

Musoke said in a University of Manitoba interview, that the events allow people to make “a conscious consumer choice to choose fair trade by voting with your dollar so that we can all give back to producers and help them live a...

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