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The University Students' Council at Western University recently announced its support in seeking Fair Trade Campus designation.

The council framed its goals in a document entitled "The Purple Paper," which outlines how Western could obtain the designation by 2015.

According to the Western Gazette, James Hirsh, chair of the Local and Campus Affairs Standing Committee and who moved the motion, thinks this is a good step toward achieving fair trade status.

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Simon Fraser University's Dining Services recently published a video interviewing one of the campus's newest baristas, who's proud to be serving Starbucks' new fair trade espresso. 

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Fairtrade International (FLO) recently revised its minimun prices for bananas. A news release published online cites one of the biggested challenges affecting the price of bananas as the "race to the bottom" between retailers to offer the lowest prices for customers. "These price wars reduce the value of bananas in the eyes of consumers and put pressure on the entire supply chain to keep banana prices low," states the FLO news release. ...

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Hosted by Saint Mary's University, Alternative Trade: Critical Approaches & New Directions in Trade and Development will discuss issues in North-South trade relations, while examining new approaches to cooperation in international trade and food security. 

Gavin Fridell, Canada Research Chair in International Development Studies and Associate Professor at Saint Mary's University, will participate at the event. 

"Over the past two decades, international trade has changed dramatically," says Fridell. "Conventional economic trade...

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Gimli unveiled a new municipal sign today, welcoming visitors to the city of 6,000 residents, and to recognize the community's commitment to fair trade.

The Fair Trade Gimli Committee, including Lisa Zolinski, Zack Gross, Shania Sveinson attended, along with MLA Peter Bjornson, Deputy Mayor Peter Peiluck, and the principle of Gimli High School, Tyler Moran.

The community became Canada’s sixth Fair Trade Town on July 1, 2009. Since then, its fair trade committee, politicians, business, and local high school have been leaders within the movement in Canada.

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