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["Education and Voice" was originally published in the Summer/Fall 2013 edition of Fair Trade Magazine.]


Take a snapshot of Piura—the region in northern Peru where farmers grow fair trade organic bananas—and compare it to 10 years ago; you’ll see huge social change. Literacy rates have improved remarkably, allowing many children from farming communities to attend post-secondary education. According to José María Lecarnaqué Castro, founder of the Central...

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On November 14, The Max Havelaar Foundation and Fairtrade International celebrated 25 years of the Max Havelaar Fairtrade Mark in Utrecht, Netherlands. After 25 years, the mark is what distinguishes Fairtrade certified products, and it has helped the industry grow. Fairtrade certification now represents more than 30,000 products and $6.78 billion in annual sales that go to helping 1.35 million farmers worldwide. 

How it began...

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["Power to the People" was originally published in the Summer/Fall 2013 edition of Fair Trade Magazine.]


Trading of ethically produced handmade goods is based on an idea that sits at the heart of fair trade: Relationships matter.

The connection-based structure of fair trade developed from the work of a few innovators who had a vision to alleviate poverty through the sale of traditional crafts. At this vision’s core was (and still is) the idea that trade...

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Fair trade isn't just about coffee. Among the numerous fair trade products that can be found in Canada, gold is becoming more well known among mainstream consumers -- especially in Toronto, where The Fair Trade Jewellery Co. (FTJC) recently won Best Jewellery Store in Now Magazine's Best of Toronto Reader's Poll.

"Despite the name," reports the magazine on its website," there isn’t a hemp necklace in sight." Maybe fair trade has...

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As you may or may not know, Michael Zelmer will soon be finishing his role as Director of Communications at Fairtrade Canada. After five years, Michael is relocating with his wife and daughter to Edmonton.

While we can be sure Michael won’t disappear entirely, his professional capacity at Fairtrade Canada has made him one of the leading personalities in the movement. Michael has committed 12 years to fair trade in Canada, having been a part of developments at the University of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, and the fair trade coffee and tea network—among many, many others...

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