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We had a great start to our National Conference today.

Presentations and panel discussions covered issues such as certification and consumer awareness. We heard from leaders of pioneering institutions such as SFU and McGill University who have made huge gains for fair trade awareness and purchasing in Canada. Oliver de Volpi, Executive Chef at McGill, explains how changes on campus benefit the larger marketplace: "When we get access to ethical products at McGill, we achieve access for others."

At the same time, a common issue throughout discussions is how to increase consumer...

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The CFTN's National Fair Trade Conference: Leadership in Fair Trade is set to take place January 9-11.

The event will be a meeting of leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs from across the fair trade movement and ethical trade sector. It will strengthen existing ties and increase collaboration in working towards a shared vision for fair trade.

Be sure to follow updates and contribute to the conversation via hashtag #LIFT2014

For a list of speakers and participants, schedule, and supporting documents, visit...

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["SFU’s Fair Trade Campus Designation" was originally published in the Summer/Fall 2013 edition of Fair Trade Magazine.]


When I first arrived at Simon Fraser University (SFU) in January 2012, I quickly discovered that a passionate group of students and staff were working to change our campus policies and procurement habits in order for us to become designated as...

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SCIC has announced that it will launch an ethical food-finder app in 2014. The online and mobile-based service will link globally-minded Saskatchewan consumers with local, fair trade, and organic certified products.

Currently, EthicalEats.ca is building its directory of businesses and producers selling ethical foods. Are you an ethical business? Know one that should be listed? Share the link: EthicalEats.ca

SCIC's EthicalEats mobile app will be...

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["UBC’s Journey to Becoming a Fair Trade Campus" was originally published in the Summer/Fall 2013 edition of Fair Trade Magazine.]


The University of British Columbia (UBC) became Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus in January 2011, but our journey toward ethical procurement began in the 1980s, when we began supporting ethical working standards with our No Sweat...

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