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Fair trade isn't just about coffee. Among the numerous fair trade products that can be found in Canada, gold is becoming more well known among mainstream consumers -- especially in Toronto, where The Fair Trade Jewellery Co. (FTJC) recently won Best Jewellery Store in Now Magazine's Best of Toronto Reader's Poll.

"Despite the name," reports the magazine on its website," there isn’t a hemp necklace in sight." Maybe fair trade has...

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As you may or may not know, Michael Zelmer will soon be finishing his role as Director of Communications at Fairtrade Canada. After five years, Michael is relocating with his wife and daughter to Edmonton.

While we can be sure Michael won’t disappear entirely, his professional capacity at Fairtrade Canada has made him one of the leading personalities in the movement. Michael has committed 12 years to fair trade in Canada, having been a part of developments at the University of British Columbia, the City of Vancouver, and the fair trade coffee and tea network—among many, many others...

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["Power to the People" was originally published in the Summer/Fall 2013 edition of Fair Trade Magazine.]


Empowerment sits at the very core of fair trade, but it’s too often just another lovely sounding word left undefined in a laundry list of others, liberally peppered throughout brochures and websites. But what does it mean, and more importantly, what should we want it to mean for fair trade?

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Monika Firl will be hosting a webinar on November 21, where she will discuss the impacts fair trade has had among producer communities in the Global South.

Monika is Cooperative Coffee's Commuications and Producer Relations Manager and directs operations at Cooperative de Solidarite du Cafe Equitable. She has worked with a number of local development projects and has lived in Central America and Mexico from 1991 to 2000.

The event will take place 12pm to 1pm (CST). Be sure to register for the...

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Institutional and municipal procurement was a key theme to come out of A Community Fair Trade Symposium, held at Kwantlen Polytechnic University on October 29—where Kwantlen's staff, faculty, and student association, as well as representatives from the City of Surrey, the City of Vancouver, UBC, and Royal Roads University presented at the event.

Victoria Wakefield, purchasing manager for UBC's Housing and Hospitality Services, spoke about the importance of having third-party certification to make effective...

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