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By Zack Gross

Fair Trade in Canada has come a long way in the last 25-or-so years. In the late 80s, the organization I worked for, the Marquis Project, began selling those not-particularly-tasty bricks of Bridgehead ground coffee, along with crafts we brought in from partners in East Africa.

In those days, you’d often see me carrying large hockey bags full of goods across borders and through airports. Fair Trade was in its infancy, and few consumers took the long walk down our dark office hallways to purchase our products. We probably sold only a few dozen bags of coffee each...

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What’s good for the environment tends to be good for people.

By Jennifer Ganapathy

With a strong focus on people and communities, many consumers don’t realize that environmental issues are key components to social sustainability. In fact, environmental issues often go hand-in-hand with social issues.

Pesticides have been linked to soil and water contamination, soil erosion, biodiversity issues, and climate change, but the cost to human health is often overlooked....

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By Sasha Caldera

The rain pours amid the rolling green hills and lush vegetation. It’s the middle of Uganda’s second rainy season, known as “the little wet season.” Raindrops spatter against the tin roof, and thunder booms; I sip hot chai across from John Nuwagaba—managing director of the Ankole Coffee Producers Cooperative Union (ACPCU)—at his office in Bushenyi District.

Nuwagaba’s office resembles a typical workplace in Canada. The telltale whir of printers and ringing telephones fills the air as the staff, dressed in business attire, go about their day as usual....

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The CFTN will be working with Fairtrade Canada in presenting its Karma Campaign—a national celebration of all things good. For the duration of 2013, Karma will present stories highlighting the admirable efforts of people across the country and sharing a general vibe of all things good. 

Learn about Karma and tell us about the good you’re doing, or send a little love to someone who’s done some good themselves, at the Karma website. http://fairtrade.ca/karma/ It’s a great opportunity to learn and contribute to the growing culture of good in...

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By Kieran Smith

I tried to set up an appointment beforehand but was told that the workers were busy and might not have time to talk. I took my chance anyway.

I knocked on the heavy double door of the former hospital building. When the door opened, Rosa, the stalwart matriarch of the co-op, welcomed me. She wore one of the cooperative’s panama hats with a black cardigan and red skirt. Her braided hair gave her a traditional Ecuadorian look. She welcomed me with a smile and insisted that I join the workers for a home-cooked meal. It was yet another example of the...

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