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By Danny Liang | Engineers Without Borders Guelph Chapter

We are torchbearers in a long relay that started many years before we even set foot on campus, whose brilliant flames were kindled and rekindled by countless people other than our team and our chapter, and whose fire we hope to pass on to the next generation of students who care in the month and years ahead. It is important to bear in mind that our story is simply one piece of the puzzle towards the University of Guelph getting designated as a Fair Trade Campus, a Juggernaut puzzle that involved many students,...

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By Monika Firl

In today’s cyber-sonic lifestyle, where one person’s contributions can get lost in a sea of products and information, co-operative business structures offer “people-centred” solutions.

Co-operatives are owned and run by, and for, their members. They are businesses driven by values and are motivated by more than just profits. While membership structures can include customers, employees, and other supporting organizations, different models share the primary principle that each member has an equal say in decision...

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This November, the University of Guelph became the first Fair Trade campus in Ontario and the third in Canada. Thanks to the efforts of the university's Engineers Without Borders chapter, university administration and hospitality services, Guelph students can now rest assured their campus coffee is 100% ethical.

University-owned catering outlets on the Guelph campus will now serve only Fairtrade certified coffee. That means coffee that meets rigorous social and environmental standards which ensure producers get a fair price for a product...

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By Shania Sveinson

Shania is a Grade 12 student at Gimli High School who is spearheading Fair Trade Grad as well as rejuvenating Gimli’s Fair Trade Town Committee.

In 2009, the small town of Gimli, Manitoba (pop.6000) became Canada’s sixth Fair Trade Town. This was thanks to the dedication of a great group of people and the hard work of the Youth Community Partnership (YCP), a group of local students, along with merchants, political representatives, teachers and parents.

Over the years since Gimli was recognized as Fair Trade, knowledge about...

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During Halloween, we tend to eat a lot more chocolate than usual. While we reap the benefits, however, many cocoa producers live in abject poverty. In many cases, producers are forced to rely on child labour and even on child trafficking.

Where does chocolate come from

Recently, due to recent studies...