The Agricultural Justice Project (AJP)

FJC logoThe Agricultural Justice Project has worked to develop social justice standards for organic and sustainable agriculture. This project is a US based fair trade label that represents the gold standard for social justice in agricultural and food jobs, rigorous third party certification, and a system based on the experiences and input of the farmers, farm-workers and business owners themselves. The AJP works to set the social standards and certify them, alongside partners like the DFTA. The certification is known as “Food Justice Certified”

The Institute for Market ecology (IMO)

IMO logoThe aim of the Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Programme is to ensure fair and positive relations between producers and their cooperatives or contracting companies, between workers and their employer, between seller and buyers on the world market while at the same time ensuring performance of standards”.

These ideals, principles and goals are reached through establishing relationships, building partnerships and creating trust in the market place; direct relationships help this, while very often certification ensures this.

IMO’s programs are as follows:

  • The “For Life” program confirms that workers enjoy good working conditions and that producer groups have well working, accountable internal structures. for lifeThe program builds on widely-acknowledged baseline standards such as the Conventions of ILO (International Labour Organization), SA 8000 and the criteria of IFOAM (International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movements).  fair for life
  • The “Fair for Life” program includes all social standards, but focuses additionally on trade relations. "Fair Trade" means long-term and trustful cooperation between partners, transparent price setting, open negotiations and prices that allow for social development of the concerned communitiesfairwild
  • The “Fair Wild” program covers the social and Fair Trade aspects of wild harvested goods.

Farmer Direct

farmers direct coopIn Canada, the Farmer Direct Cooperative has created a label which incorporates both Organic and Fair Trade, known as “Fair deal.” When producers fair dealbecome Fair Trade certified and Organic certified by other independent certifiers, the FDC then recognizes both under one logo. The FDC is a key member of the DFTA as well as the AJP, and works under the Food Justice Certified system set up by the AJP. The same system exists in the United States with the AJP leading the way in standards and certification, while the DFTA works to promote and grow the movement and works to incorporate Organic standards with social standards.