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About Acadian Maple Products

Acadian Maple Products is a family owned and operated business located in Upper Tantallon. Involved in the maple industry in Nova Scotia for over 30 years, Acadian Maple is the largest purchaser and processor of Nova Scotia produced maple syrup. Exporting to markets worldwide, and constantly developing new products, Acadian Maple continues to grow. An agri-tourism center in the Upper Tantallon location along with a retail shop sees in excess of 30,000 visitors a year.

The Acadian Maple Team

Over the last 30 plus years, Acadian Maple has grown from a hobby run out of the family basement to a company that now employs a team of dedicated professionals. Our main goal is to bring our customers the highest quality, safest maple syrup possible.

A Little History

On a crisp spring morning in 1982, Acadian Maple Products was started by accident as an innocent family hobby. Motivated in part by providing an educational experience for the children and part trying to re-live a childhood experience, President Brian Allaway, tapped a dozen backyard trees and boiled the sap in a flat bottom pan over an open fire. With children, Cara and Brian William helping with the collection of the sap, an image which can be found still today on our plastic jugs, and wife Simonne, tending the fire, it was a true family endeavor. That first spring enough pure maple syrup was produced to satisfy the family needs with a little extra to give away.

Over the next few years more trees were tapped and the first evaporator was constructed from a 45 gallon drum. In one of these first few years a large enough surplus of syrup was produced that a local store owner agreed to purchase the excess. A week later, after selling out, the store wanted more. Having already sold the entire years yield it was necessary to secure the first purchase of bulk syrup from an established maple producer. Four, one gallon cans of pure maple syrup were bought and shipped to the Allaway residence on the bus. With this, Acadian Maple was born.

Plant & Operations

Our processing and packaging facility can accommodate orders of all sizes.  We accept bulk syrup from producers all over the maple belt and process this bulk product into a finished retail ready package.  With distribution worldwide we pride ourselves on our food safety and quality assurance capabilities in this modern food processing facility.

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