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ADRIA is an eclectic style, drawing its inspiration from cultures around the world. Our clothing is designed for active women wishing to live according to their core values. We design clothing inspired by the traditional embroidery and silk screen techniques of Nepal.

We respect Fair Trade ethical and ecological principles at every stage of the production.

Anjuna Langevin is the creative side of ADRIA, dreaming up the styles and designs. Her eye notices patterns in nature and architecture and transforms them into shapes and designs for ADRIA’s clothing line.

But most of all…

Adria would not exist without a wonderful team of artisans and tailors in Nepal. They welcome us as friends at each visit. Our production team consists of a tailor and his assistants, a sample-making team, stitchers and a finishing team. Embroideries and silk screen printing are carried out by cottage craft businesses in Nepal. Our goal is to create designs for Western women based on the unique expertise of the craftspeople of Nepal. In so doing, we wish to allow increasing numbers of Nepalese families access to good living conditions in their country.

Choosing our supplier:

In creating our brand, we looked for people who would honour our core values of respect, transparency and equity in life as well as in business . We chose to set up a long-term working relationship with a small factory in Nepal known for fair trade practices. The Nepalese have taught us that ordinary objects bear the energy of the human-beings who make them. We visit Nepal twice a year to spend time with local craftspeople, getting to know them, and letting them get to know us. We offer advice on management and production and, in turn, learn sacred teachings and how to integrate them into daily life. The capacity of the Nepalese people to appreciate life is a profound inspiration and guide.

Fair trade:

ADRIA is committed to respecting fair trade principles at every stage of production, distribution and management.

The fair trade logo on our products indicates that ADRIA fulfills the requirements of a rigorous screening process involving verification of the company’s relationship with production partners and its efforts to provide good working conditions, fair wages, safety, environmental sensitivity, financial transparency and more. This is an important mark of distinction for members and shoppers wanting to support fair trade practices rather than simply buy fair trade products. To learn more about the nine principles of fair trade, visit ADRIA is part of a network of over 250 fair trade business members in the US-Canada Fair Trade Federation.

Environmental commitment:

Certified Organic Cotton: Organic Cotton has an extra softness you can feel on your skin. Breathable and hypoallergenic, it let your skin breathes freely. Grown without chemicals, it is good for your health, for the earth and for workers. Our cotton growers and suppliers are certified by the international standard GOTS:

Natural, biodegradable fibers: As natural biodegradable fibers, cotton and wool are low waste products.

Low impact dyes and prints: All our fabrics are dyed with low impact AZO-free dyes.

We use hand-made traditional printing techniques with water-based inks for all our prints, to keep our fabrics as natural as possible.

    We work mainly with breathable, hypoallergenic natural fibres.
    Our stretchable fabrics are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)
    Our dyes are certified AZO-free.
    Prints made by silk screen, using non-toxic, water-based inks, limiting our environmental footprint.
    We use patches in our designs to recycle leftover pieces, thereby reducing our overall production waste by over 50%.

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