Alternative Grounds

About Us

At Alternative Grounds, we began by roasting only fairly traded coffees out of our cafe at 333 Roncesvalles. That was in 1995, back when there was little attention paid to fairtrade and why it was important. It wasn't until 1998 that Fair Trade Canada, an independent fairtrade licensing and regulatory body, came into being. We were proud to be one of the first licensees, and proud of our contribution to a growing awareness and dialogue about fairtrade and freshly roasted coffee.

After nearly 19 years at the cafe and the roastery, we decided to focus solely on the roasting/wholesale end of our business. After all, a girl can only work two jobs for so long! In December of 2013 we bid farewell to our space on Roncie, but continued to serve our neighbours and clientel through a host of other Roncie and neighbourhood institutions as well as a variety of other venues throughout the city and the province. (call us to find the retailer nearest you!)

We roast and custom blend our coffees daily so that the coffee you are buying is always fresh and unique. We continue to be the only roaster in our area that roasts solely fairtrade coffees, and have been  a certified organic processor since 2005. Purchasing Alternative Grounds coffee means you purchase coffee of the highest quality that is fresh roasted, and supports the people who actually grow the beans and are stewards of the land. You are also helping to show that there are other ways of doing business, ways based on mutual trust, cooperation and respect.

Our Products

Coffee: At Alternative Grounds we offer a wide variety of beans and blends. We love our beans and that means we roast them every day, Monday to Friday, so our offerings rotate daily. It also means we may not have the bean or blend roasted that you want. We are happy to suggest an alternative (variety is indeed the spice of life!), or you can always call ahead of time to ensure we have what you want when you visit. We've listed a number of our varietals and signature blends just to whet your whistle! For more information, or to check availability, call Kevin Walters at (416) 534-6335.

Tea and Chocolate: Though our specialty is coffee, we do enjoy a great cup of tea and a chocolate treat every so often. And just as we expect only the best when it comes to coffee, we feel the same about everything else we savour and offer to wholesale clients. 

Galerie au Chocolat chocolate bars: Made by a Montreal-based chocolatier, these chocolate bars are truly delicious and fairtrade made from cocoa fairly produced and traded from the Dominican Republic. There is a reason this chocolate has been so enthusiastically received by our wholesale customers and it is all about taste!!

OUR PRICE & PRODUCT LIST is available by request; for a copy call us at the roastery 416-534-6335 or send us an email care of

Cooperative Coffees

Cooperative Coffees exists to import high-quality, organic green coffee from small-scale farmer organizations to build long-term relationships and foster fair and equitable trading practices. Our goal is to make coffee-growing a sustainable and beneficial endeavor for farmer families and their communities.

Cooperative Coffees strives to be:

A Thriving Importing Business – Our terms of trade are the best choice in the eyes of our trading partners and our business practices are defined, documented and disseminated to serve as a model for the coffee industry.

A Thriving Community – We understand the basic needs of our trading partners and facilitate access to specific expertise to help small-scale farmers improve their production capabilities and meet their basic needs. We measure the impact of our relationships not only economically, but also in terms of overall quality of life for our partners and their communities.

A Thriving Cooperative – Our governance and operations are: explicit, effective, efficient, forward-looking, fun-loving, fair-minded, and sustainable.

Available Products: