About Us

ANHYDRA specializes in fruit dehydration, vegetables and herbs (organic and conventional).
Our dehydration technique is simply to remove the water feed using a hot air circulation. This process removes the water slowly while maintaining nutrients, flavors and colors of the food.

ANHYDRA offers:
    organic dried fruit snacks
    Dried foods in bulk and quality on request (custom)
    An outsourcing service (private brand, dehydration service)

Quality Control

The quality of dehydrated foods is paramount and we ensure to offer you a product that responded to specific standards of our quality system.

Looking dehydrated food in particular? We will be happy to help!

Whether dried fruit, dried vegetable or dried grass, our team is able to offer a quality ingredient.
We dehydrate the food as needed:

    Temperature: 105 ° F / 41 ° C (raw / raw) to 257 ° F / 125 ° C (cooked)
    desired cut (slices, cubes, etc.)
    Adding seasonings
    Organic or conventional

Available Products: