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AROMA Specialty Coffees Roasters is a Micro Roaster located on Quadra Island just off Vancouver Island. The company started in April of 1998 roasting small batches of coffee delicately coaxing out complex flavours normally lost I larger commercial ventures.

In the early days emphasis was placed exclusively on the roasting and service components of the business focussing on the production of fine artisinal coffees of exceptional quality. Coffees that were unusually complex, rich and aromatic not previously available to our small community.

In 2002 we had some time to reflect on the evolution of our business – a simple analysis of what worked and what didn’t. We asked ourselves some questions about the direction of the business. How big did we want to get? How far did we want to market without compromising on quality, freshness and service?

The Slow Food Movement began to inform our relationships with food, community and business, stressing the preservation of community, family and sustainability in how we grow, process and consume food. The SFM asserts that industrial high yield food production benefits large corporations only and that the producers, whether growers or processors, gain little in the end. Furthermore, the time-honoured evolution of small-scale traditional food practices is lost for cheaper homogenous food products lacking complexity and character.

We began to see that high quality and sustainability was where we wanted to go. We wanted a small but consistent following of customers that appreciated the artisinal quality of our coffees. A company that produced exceptional coffees on a small scale funnelling time, energy and resources towards a product that was more than remarkable.

We were interested in developing a market that was dependable, stable and returns were modest and sustainable. We didn’t want to deplete resources or exploit others for our profit. We would rather return more of the money we earned to the farmers and processors to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality raw beans that would ensure our (and their) goals towards a limited but stable prosperity. We started thinking more and more about the farmers who grew the exceptional beans that allowed us to produce such outstanding coffees.

Their commitment and passion to bring us organic status coffees was something we wanted to preserve and promote. Like us they were trying to make a living in small communities around the world. Devoted customers and the stable returns they provide small business, whether across the community or across the planet, was the key to stable and sustainable economies. This, we felt, was in line with the slow food movement’s goals of preserving good food and healthy communities.

British Columbia
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