Baden Coffee Company

Our Story

Our story is short and sweet. We started in Baden, Ontario in 1997 and our business has grown every year since. At first we supplied coffee to various offices and institutions in our community but realized the need for fresh roasted, exotic and Fair Trade Organic Coffee. So we started roasting our own beans too. Now we roast every day.

Today, The Baden Coffee Company supplies its own high quality signature coffees to over 300 businesses in the Southern Ontario region. These businesses include renowned restaurants and lounges, world class colleges and universities, healthcare providers, gourmet retail outlets and stylish cafes.

In 2007 we purchased, renovated, and moved to a new, larger facility – housing our Retail Outlet, Offices and Warehouse on Gingerich Road in our hometown of Baden, Ontario.

We are a family run, Canadian owned business with a small group of enthusiastic employees who thrive on customer driven service. We all love coffee and are passionate about roasting beans for our many customers and serving them the only way we know how.

Our Cafe

In April 2013, we opened the BeanTown Café where we sell our artisan roasted coffee by the pound and by the cup as well as more than a few specialty drinks. We grind our freshly roasted beans every day and can prepare your favourite coffee in a number of different ways.

You’ll love how our coffee tastes after we brew it in the hourglass shaped Chemex coffee maker. Truly a work of art, it is the ultimate extraction method for a full-bodied specialty coffee.

We also offer the Clever Dripper extraction method which offers full-immersion brewing similar to a French Press but without any sediment in the bottom of the cup.

And don’t forget to give our Nuova Simonelli Espresso machine a try and indulge yourself with an espresso, latte or cappuccino. Any one of these specialty coffee drinks go great with our fantastic baked goods.

Available Products: