Best Gourmet Coffee


Our Roots

Like many coffee roasters Best Gourmet Coffee started as a small coffee shop in the lower mainland in the late 1980’s. The coffee was so popular that customers continuously asked to buy our pre ground coffee they could brew it at home. Seeing this demand and already roasting coffee to our maximum capacity we decided to make our coffee widely available. In 1989 we set up our roasting facility here in Maple Ridge B.C. and never looked back. It has been a long road to get us to where we are today with sales across Canada. We believe that our continued success over the past 23 years is due in no small part to our commitment to offering you the best possible coffee at the best possible value.

Who We Are Today
Best gourmet coffee continues to be a small independent coffee roaster, and we continue to roast and package all of our coffee right here in Maple Ridge B.C. Our passion is the coffee that we roast, we are always tasting and adjusting our roasters to make sure that you get the most enjoyable cup. While our main goals are to provide you with a Fresh, Locally Roasted, and Premium Coffee at a reasonable price, we understand that you don’t want this at any cost. That’s why make sure that all of our products are produced using sustainable and farmer friendly practices where fair prices are always paid.

Into The Future
Best Gourmet Coffee Company will continue to bring Value into your home and workplace by providing you with only the finest coffees on the market at fair prices. Look for great new products coming to your favorite grocer and coffee shop soon.


The Beans
At Best Gourmet Coffee, we use only the finest 18 screen 100% Arabica and Certified Organic green coffee beans, grown within 10 degrees of the equator.
This high altitude, insures the optimal harvesting conditions of maximum sunlight, creating larger beans which roast more evenly, creating a higher quality product. All our coffees come from a single documented origin and are regulated by appropriate international councils

The Roast
Our expert roasters work hard to put together the finest aroma, flavour and taste profiles in every blend and in every batch. All our coffees are roasted using a dry roasting technique which eliminates the use of water in the cooling process of the beans. Conventional wet roasting adds weight to the beans and washes away essential oils and flavour. We also lock in the smoke in the final minutes of roasting allowing a unique aroma to develop in our blends ensuring a deep, rich flavour.

We are committed to providing our customers with great tasting coffee at the most affordable price possible. We believe that good coffee should always mean a good price. Best Gourmet Coffee is just that, the best coffee at the best price sold to the best customers in Canada.

British Columbia
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