Brazilian Canadian Coffee

Our History

Brazilian Canadian Coffee Co. Ltd. was established in 1975. For over thirty years we have been dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality gourmet coffees. Our 50,000 sq ft manufacturing and distribution headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada, close to the airport.We also have distribution centres located throughout Canada the United States, and abroad allowing our coffee to be appreciated the world over! Our dedicated and highly trained staff set us apart from the rest. Over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge of the business allows our customers to have peace of mind knowing that they are in good hands.It has always been our philosophy that an educated customer is the best customer. We have dedicated ourselves to creating lasting relationships by helping our customers learn about coffee and the processes behind it.

Our over 30 years of service displays a remarkable drive. Since inception we have grown consistently. This growth is not due to luck or coincidence, but is a result of our passion for the highest quality and our dedication to our clients.

Our Coffee
Organic – 100% Colombian
Estate grown European Prep. 100% Colombian coffee of the finest quality. This coffee is produced in very limited quantities. Grown in full shade on trees of the traditional Typicavariety on the Santa Marta Mountain. This location is ideal for organic cultivation with abundant natural water resources, rich soils free of chemical pollution and ideal temperature. Supported by our Fair trade Program this coffee is harvested by the Native Tayrona and Kogee Indians using traditional techniques. This soft, fragrant coffee exhibits distinct chocolate or sweet cocoa notes complimented by a fruity undertone.
Organic – Decaffeinated Blend
These superior beans are naturally decaffeinated using a Water Process Method without the use of any chemicals. This results in a mild bodied coffee with a lively aftertaste for those who prefer or require less caffeine.
Organic – SumatraPortionPacked_Page_OrgSumatra
From the lush, fertile soils of Gayo Mountain, produced in limited quantities this shade grown organically processed  coffee is triple picked to ensure perfection. A truly amazing cup that showcases the best characteristics of Sumatran Coffees. It is deep, rich and complex with a smooth,  sweet  finish ; and a noticeable chocolaty background when cream is added.
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