Café Brossard


Guy and Réal Brossard, two working and visionary brothers, made their debut as traders in a small room on rue Jeanne Mance in Montreal. Equipped very modestly with a small coffee roaster, a mill, a simple tea blender and a bagger, they founded Brossard Frères inc. In 1950. Their spices, coffee and home-made tea products are appreciated and consumed mainly by their first clients of the time, the religious communities and the neighboring institutions of Little Italy.

Eager to offer the best products at the best prices, the Brossard brothers are first known through word of mouth. They thus gained the heart of the neighborhood by selling them freshly roasted coffee at a good price and delivered to their door, Café Brossard.

15 years later, in 1965 still in business and wish to increase their production capacity, they acquired new, more efficient equipment and move their facilities to a new location on Avenue Moisan in the industrial district of Montreal North.

It is in this same room, enlarged and improved over the years, even today Brossard Frères inc. continues its original mission. Offer freshly roasted quality coffee and sold at fair prices. The second generation is now the head of the company. Jean Louis Michel and Sylvie, children of Guy Brossard, strive every day to run with passion and rigorously control all stages of the transformation of coffee from receiving raw materials, Art of roasting until the final experience, your cup!

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