Café Cambio

Our mission

With a view to sustainable development, Café Cambio co-operative is dedicated to promoting and marketing certified equitable products, regional products and affordable health meals in the Saguenay region, all in a friendly atmosphere, Exchange and cultural dissemination.

Our ambition is to offer responsible consumption choices to the population and to play a role in raising awareness of the principles linked to it, such as sustainable development, responsible consumption, fair trade and local purchasing.

Sustainable Development Charter

At Café Cambio, we are aware of the impacts that businesses can have on the environment, society and the economy. For these reasons, we pledge to work actively for the protection of the environment, for the involvement of the population and for the stimulation of the local economy. Our goal is to respond as best we can to these commitments for the well-being of today's and tomorrow's generations.


At the heart of the Café Cambio work cooperative project, there is this will to take charge by the creation of a cooperative company in our image, with the collective goal of guaranteeing stimulating jobs and quality in areas that we Interest.

Café Cambio is the collective property of about twenty working members. We have established ourselves as a cooperative, because this model incorporates values dear to us, such as commitment, solidarity, cooperation, democracy and education, which are at the heart of the concept of fair trade. The integration of workers into a participatory management approach emanates from these values.


Since 2012, Café Cambio is a member of the Nord-Bio solidarity cooperative.

Based in Alma, this coop is a group of producers and processors certified organic in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

"The NORD-Bio Solidarity Cooperative's mission is to promote regional organic farming and its variety of certified products in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region through its concerted actions and networking. Facilitates the setting up of collective projects and the marketing of regional organic products. "

Corporate social responsibility

Cambio means change in Spanish, reflecting both the initial ties with producers in Latin America and our desire to create a business that reflects a new way of doing business, respecting workers here and abroad and the environment. The dominant values of the project are solidarity, social justice, equity, cultural diversity, respect for the environment and the desire for recognition of the younger generation as an active stakeholder in society.

For 10 years now, we have been working to translate the values of our cooperative into concrete actions. Still in full effervescence, it is a thousand and one projects and initiatives that make the Cambio a profitable company profitable far beyond the economic point of view.

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