About Cannan

Through a combination of extensive education and training, organic and fair trade certification, and community empowerment programs, Canaan Fair Trade, a Palestinian commercial enterprise, enables small farmers and women organized in village cooperatives to pool their resources and have direct access to long-term global market opportunities. Specifically the initiative creates economic stability for rural Palestinian communities caught in the midst of conflict by cultivating local and global partnerships that are invested in creating economically viable and environmentally sustainable farming in Palestine. Canaan combines traditional farming practices with cutting edge innovations in farming and production through research and development to enhance product yield and quality, resulting in premium products that are competitive in global markets. As a result small farmers and women are able to earn a living, maintain their relationship to their land, and provide a future for their children

Canaan  sells olive oil, almonds, and other delicacies, supplying bulk as well as finished and packaged olive oil and a wide range of other specialty foods to Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. We offer a wide product range in the Canaan brand, we service a number of fair trade companies and organizations in producing their customized brands of Palestinian fair trade goods, and we offer fair trade manufacturers a variety of fair trade certified oils and ingredients from Palestine.

Beyond Extra-virgin olive oil

In October 2010, the US began enforcing standards for Extra-virgin olive oil for the first time: "Extra-virgin" means the oil was extracted without the use of heat or chemicals (press remains below 86 degrees F); is pure; in a taste test, the olive oil should be free of defects and have some fruitiness or fresh olive taste. In laboratory tests EV has 0.8% acidity or less and below 20 peroxide value. Canaan Fair Trade Nabali and Rumi oils are below 0.7% acidity and below 10 peroxide value. Canaan Fair Trade olive oil is fruity and pungent with a hint of bitterness.

Only Canaan has a continuous fair trade partnership with over 1700 Palestinian farm families and 43 cooperatives, and this blossom-to-press connection means we can guarantee consistency for the highest quality olive oil every year. Canaan is investing in consistent improvement in our already delicious Palestinian Extra Virgin olive oil. Canaan staff has the sensory training (from the International Olive Council) to identify and grade olive oils, and the temperature controlled central storage capacity (500 tons!) to keep the highest quality olive oil intact and in supply year round.