Casa del Caffe

In 1981 CASA DEL CAFFE was established in Vancouver, British Columbia; Canada by VINCENT GENTILE.

This followed his five year apprenticeship as a coffee roaster in Italy where he studied and mastered the fine art of coffee roasting in its true Italian Tradition, Ensuring "La Vitta e Bella".

CASA DEL CAFFE is British Columbia owned corporation and has earned a reputation for quality coffee and dedicated service.

OUR MISSION: Before a perfect cup of coffee can be brewed, the beans must be carefully selected, roasted, blended and ground to perfection. We use only the top Arabica beans from around the world. Each shipment is subjected to a rigorous battery of testing.

Our inspectors continuously scrutinize our product to ensure it meets our exacting standards and is guaranteed to please the palates of your increasingly sophisticated coffee patrons.

Let CASA DEL CAFFE be a member of your team in achieving the ultimate taste experience of a great cup of coffee.






British Columbia
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