Cha's Organics

About Us

At Cha’s Organics, we believe in better business practices that support organic agriculture and fair trade principles. We believe in offering our customers food choices that are both nourishing and delicious. Our commitment to our customers and our producer partners is driven by our love of good food and our passion for making good things happen. 

Cha's Organics was created by Chanaka and Marise, two people who come from opposite sides of the world and are no strangers to diversity and all that it has to offer. This love of diversity and staying true to one's roots is reflected in the sourcing of Cha's Organics spices and coconuts, which are all grown on biodiverse, small and medium scale family-owned organic farms.

Because let's face it, monoculture is just plain boring.


Cha's Organics has always stood for a fair deal for farmers. That's why Cha's Organics products have been Fair Trade from day one.

Fair Trade offers real advantages to the producers who grow Cha's Organics spices and coconuts, by guaranteeing not only minimum prices but also Fair Trade premiums paid directly to the growers. Instead of going into debt to purchase agricultural tools, seedlings, fertilizers and other chemical inputs before even planting a crop, the growers of Cha's Organics spices and coconuts receive the seedlings, tools and even animals and bees that they require up front - all purchased with the money they receive from the Fair Trade premiums.

They also benefit from ongoing training on traditional and biodynamic organic farming methods that allow them to grow all of their crops in their biodiverse gardens without the use of any harmful and expensive chemical inputs. What's more, the Fair Trade premiums are also used to purchase school supplies for children in the farming community, build community centers, provide local drinking water supply, and equip women with the tools and training they need to become more financially secure.

These days, many agricultural producers around the world are faced with growing pressure to trade in their traditional, sustainable farming methods for destructive, polluting and extremely expensive ones proposed by big business in the face of globalization. This pressure has caused many of them to become increasingly indebted as they are forced to pay more and more for chemical inputs and even the engineered seeds that they have been pressured to grow. Faced with growing  debt and no hope in sight, producers in the hundred of thousands have resorted to committing suicide, often by drinking the very chemicals whose use they were coerced into adopting.

It's becoming increasingly evident that modern-day agriculture, with it's deadly chemical agents, originally designed as bio weapons to be used for war, it's terminator biotech seed technology and it's complete disregard for the wellbeing of the very people it depends on to grow crops and consume end products, is nothing short of war culture. Our global food security is under very real threat from this state of affairs, and with stakes this high this is a war we can no longer choose to ignore.

In a world where so many of the very people that provide nourishment for our families can not even provide for the basic needs of their own, it is of growing importance that we act in solidarity with farmers across the world to build a brighter future, while protecting our global food supply. Choosing Fair Trade products is a concrete way to help achieve these goals.

As support for Fair Trade initiatives grows, so does the hope and inspiration for other producers to join the movement with new and innovative products. By choosing Fair Trade, we can truly create a better world where everyone is fed, children are free to play and learn, and the despair felt by so many producers today becomes only a distant memory.