Coffee Concept

Coffee Concept is a craft coffee roaster and custom program creator to all commercial markets. Our strength lies in understanding our client’s unique requirements and building programs that meet their needs.

Our talents apply to all markets; coffee bars, cafés, hotels, restaurants, large institutional clients and corporate offices.

Founded in 1993, Coffee Concept has grown to become one of the largest commercial coffee providers within Alberta and Southern BC. We are a true custom coffee roaster and roast all of our coffee in Calgary in order to service clients from our Calgary and Edmonton presentation and distribution centers.

In 2006, we incorporated direct green buying into our coffee program. This new addition played into our passion for quality and the story behind the coffees we produce.

Every coffee tells a story, and it is our job to make sure we educate our consumers to fully understand the detailed process that comes from a single coffee bean. From the area it was sourced, through the growing process, to the method of drying, through to the roasting. We understand that every coffee is unique and each of our coffees are carefully roasted to allow these individual characteristics to shine.

The relationships we have established with growers and producers allow us to maintain consistency from year to year despite an ever-changing coffee market. We use our passion for an outstanding cup of fresh coffee and our exceptional customer service to speak for our ability to provide a service that remains unmatched in the industry.

Our goal is simple: to build solid client relationships, understand our client’s objectives and work in partnership to achieve their desires, while also supplying the best products available.

Available Products: