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About Us

Purveyors of the finest Certified Fairly Traded, Organic and Shade Grown coffees and teas to the Ottawa area for over the past decade.

Coffeemark provides business, government, NGO's, restaurants and cafeterias with a complete range of products to satisfy the coffee break and refreshment requirements for your employees and clientele. We also provide a wide range of equipment to choose from that will dispense your perfect beverage in the manner that best suits your needs!

Coffeemark is committed to ensuring that our customers receive prompt, reliable delivery and technical service. For our Office Coffee Service ( OCS ) customers, our Customer Service Representatives will deliver your products to you on a scheduled bases. They will provide cleaning and maintenance on the brewing equipment at each coffee delivery. Equipment repairs will be done immediately with the equipment being repaired on site or exchanged.

As a Licensee with Fairtrade Canada ( the Canadian arm of FLO, the worldwide Fair Trade Labelling Organization) since 1999, Coffeemark is Canada's longest serving, full service Fair Trade Office Coffee provider. We are committed to providing our customers with complete coffee break & refreshment service satisfaction.

Enjoy our freshly roasted, fair trade and organic coffees at home by purchasing on line. We will package it in our air tight one way valve bags to maximize the freshness of the coffee. We also have a great selection of Fair Trade and organic teas, chocolate and sugar to choose from.

Fair Trade 

Coffeemark is committed to providing our customers with coffees and teas that are certified fairly traded, organic and shade grown.

Fair Trade products follow the exact supply chain as they would in a conventional market with growers, importers, roasters, retailers and customers. The difference is that there is a worldwide organization, Fairtrade Labelling Organization International ( FLO ), that monitors and certifies that the trading practices within this supply chain follow and adhere to standards of fairness, transparency and accountability.

Fairtrade Canada is the Canadian body of FLO and they provide the certification of licensees and the independent auditing of licensees, along with promoting Fair Trade Certified products at the retail and consumer level.

Coffeemark 's Fair Trade commitment helps small-scale farmers and their families by:

Guaranteeing a minimum price and premium paid for their coffee so as to meet the real costs of production and labour.

The guaranteed premium paid goes to villages for investment in education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Ensuring that there is no forced child labour.

Purchasing directly from small - scale farmer co-operatives lessens the number of and dependence on local intermediaries who often exploit the farmers.

Providing access to low or no interest credit for capital purchases.

Ensuring that Farmers have long term purchasing relationships.

Access to technical training and development of other skills for the cooperative's members and their families.

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