Colonial Coffee Company

About Us

Colonial Coffee Co. Ltd. is now a locally owned and operated coffee roasting facility in the central business district of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, located directly across the river from Detroit, Michigan.
For more than 40 years, we have served the food service and vending industries with freshly roasted Arabica whole bean or ground coffees, blended and packaged to the demanding specifications of our discerning customers. Our coffees can be brewed using any coffee brewing system available.
We also carry a wide selection of flavored whole bean or ground coffee.
Founded in 1965 by Jack Ohler and continuously owned and operated by the Ohler family since then, Colonial Coffee is proud of its reputation for fine quality and outstanding customer service.
We have provided Windsor and Essex County restaurants and other food service facilities with traditionally fine coffees and specialty food service products throughout our many years in business.
"Seldom equalled, never surpassed,
Let us help you, serve the best!

Fair Trade/Organics
Fair Trade is a system that enables farmers in developing countries to compete fairly in the global marketplace. Organic means natural and untouched by synthetic chemicals. All coffees available in regular and espresso roasts.   

Colombian Fair Trade Organic-Medium body, fragrant aroma and mild acidity
Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic- Bright acidity with a smooth rich body
Peru Fair Trade Organic- Medium body with a smooth and slightly sweet taste
Ethiopian Yiragacheff Fair Trade Organic- Vibrant and intensely aromatic
Colombian Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Process Decafe- Soft and sweet with a deep aroma
Mexican Fair Trade Organic-Medium acidity with a delicate aroma

Available Products: