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In business since 1999, Discovery Organics is an independently owned Canadian distributor of Certified Organic and Fair Trade produce.
We passionately work to promote Certified Organic and Fair Trade by building relationships with small scale farmers here in B.C. as well as through Latin America.
We serve hundreds of customers, including natural food retailers and wholesalers across Western Canada and the Canadian North.

Our Values

We value all our relationships, from our faithful retail customers to the buying clubs who help remote communities eat well. We’re here when they call and we’re happy to lend an ear to their concerns or requests.
We’re just as committed to the success of our growers. We’ve helped farmers develop cooperative shipping docks, uniform packaging, proper seed selection, crop contracts and marketing plans. We work hard to build trust with our grower partners and we treat the fruits of their labour with respect.
We make long term commitments with them, and we hope that you’ll visit the Our Growers section to learn more about our community of producers. We couldn’t be in business without them.

Our History
A true labour of love for owner Annie Moss and her husband Randy Hooper, Discovery Organics began in 1999 with a mission to help develop markets for local organic farmers.
Randy and Annie know a thing or two about good food. Annie grew up in a resourceful family where wild harvesting, canning and the sharing of community resources got you through the winter. Many of her siblings hopped off the grid and farm organically. Before opening Discovery, Annie worked at Wild West Organics, a co-operatively run organic produce company (RIP Wild West!).
Around the same time, Randy Hooper was farming on Salt Spring Island, and developed a farmstand and organic grocery store, providing an outlet for organics from other farms, as well as locally produced yogurt, tofu, bread and cheese. They met on the phone line and it wasn’t long before they were talking about ways to bring more organic into the world.
More than fifteen years later, Discovery Organics operates from a large warehouse in Vancouver. Annie, Randy and their staff of fifty passionate individuals are working hard to promote Certified Organic and Fair Trade by building relationships with small scale farmers here at home, as well as abroad.

Our Sourcing Policy
Our hearts still belong to the small scale growers, family farms and agricultural co-ops. We have visited dozens of farms across B.C., working with growers to see them move to larger and more financially sustainable operations.
We feel encouraged by the impressive increase in consumer demand for certified organic fruit and vegetables. We also acknowledge that we can’t grow our own food year-round. Even more so now, as our climate changes, no harvest is a safe bet.
Over the years, we have extended our relationships with small scale farmers to include farms down the Pacific Coast, through Washington, Oregon and California, then on to Mexico and South America. Together, this network of growers keep us all fed, year round, and for this we are grateful.

Fair Trade
We believe in direct relationships with growers, whether they are in our own backyard, or Latin America. We believe in paying a fair wage, and supporting small-scale growers in developing countries. We are a licensee of Fairtrade Canada and a certified operator by IMO/Fair For Life.
Fair Trade is an easy extension of the Discovery Organics buying philosophy; we believe in supporting small scale farmers, endeavoring to help them build a market for their crops, and make enough money to cover the cost of production plus a fair profit on the crops we buy. Those are the same goals we have had since the first day we opened our doors.
We have seen firsthand, through numerous visits to farms in South America and Mexico, the transformative nature of Fair Trade. Some of our long-term Fair Trade relationships include APROMALPI, Agrovida, BOS and PRAGOR. To learn more about these cooperatives check out our Field Reports and our Grower Profiles!

Our Fair Trade Objectives
Our Fair Trade objectives are to increase profits for growers, and create financing for social programs. We work tirelessly to bring new growers and traders into the Fair Trade system and advocate the positive impact of purchasing in this manner. We review our performance by seeing higher and higher values of social premium payments to growers, through our increasing volumes, as well as offering growers the highest possible price.

Our Fair Trade relationships are planned to be maintained in perpetuity.
We also visit all of the cooperatives that we work with directly to assess the outcomes of the social impact of Fair Trade purchases, including working conditions, living conditions and social programs such as access to microfinance, technical improvements that improve their working conditions and safety, equality for women, child labour policy, health care, education, etc.

This policy was developed to enable us to not only understand the direct impact of Fair Trade, but through frequent visits to many growers, to assess the year-over-year changes that have been accomplished.

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