Distribution Solidaire

DISTRIBUTION SOLIDAIRE is a non-profit organization involved in bio-fair trade and international development located in Sherbrooke. It was created in 2008 and took over the work of distributing fair trade products started in 2002 by the Missionaries of Mariannhill.
To fulfill our mission, we distribute the products of Peruvian producer associations with which we work directly.

As Fair Distributor we can offer equitable products in quantity and at low prices.


Peru is one of the most important countries in the world by the great wealth of its natural resources and its contribution to the whole of humanity.
The Peruvian is a proud natural and he can rightly claim that his cooking his products are among the finest of the Americas.

Support the efforts of Southern producers' associations in their development. D.S. fulfills this mission by marketing their products to markets in North America. We are in direct contact with producer associations. This enables it to promote genuine associative and community development, by ensuring, among other things, that they receive a fair price for their work.

Coffee, hot chocolate, panela, tea, herbal tea, jewelery, tuque, scarf ......

El Palto Coffee 100% arabica
100% arabica, coffee grown in the shade and at an altitude varying between 1300 and 1800 meters. This one is recognized as an excellent fair trade and organic coffee! In 2002, he received the Silver Grain Award from the Peruvian Specialty Coffee Association, placing him in the best coffees category in the world.

Hot chocolate
The perfect balance between dark chocolate and milk chocolate! The double hot chocolate fair and organic will satisfy your gourmet desires at any hour of the day!

The Peru panela is a very common food in Latin America. Its unique ingredient is the sugar cane juice, cooked at high temperature to give a 100% natural sugar. Enjoy this 100% natural product in all your cakes and pastries.

Peru is a country offering us many temptations, be it with its culinary richness, its population, its tourist circuits, its drinks, etc. We can say as much about the arts and crafts.
Alpaca wool in the production of clothes and the mix of fine metals in the production of jewelry, make the Peruvian handicraft an exceptional wealth.

Fair Trade

Distribution Solidaire is a member of the Fair Trade Federation, which means that all the products we offer come from fair trade.In the face of global warming, the emission of greenhouse gases concerns us all. Distribution Solidaire is proud to be a distributor who offsets its greenhouse gas emissions in partnership with ECOTIERRA.