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In Canada, our team is built up of a small group of hard workers who care about the impact they are making. In the last nine years the evolution of our company has provided our growers with a better standard of living, more diverse commodities for trade and the ability to contribute to other hill tribes through their coffee academy and foundation.

With high altitudes, cool mists, ample rainfall and rich fertile soil, Doi Chang Village is one of the premium coffee growing regions of the world.

Today, this hidden gem is home to the only single-origin, 100% Arabica, USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified, shade grown Thai coffee available in North America and Europe.

Our coffee is naturally cultivated under the canopy of sun-filtered plum, peach, pear and macadamia nut trees. Cultivating under the shade of a forest canopy not only slows the ripening of the cherries creating a denser, better quality bean, but it also eliminates the need for deforestation, continuous weeding and the use of harmful chemicals.

The complex and flavourful profile of the beans provides such a wide spectrum of taste that the beans can be roasted on different levels and then combined to produce a variety of distinctive roasts.

Rated among the top 1% in the world, Doi Chaang coffee is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the finest coffees in the world with a name synonymous to high ethical and sustainable standards.

In 2013, with careful consideration to quality, sustainability and ethical practices we searched the globe to add a variety of blends to our product line. On the hunt for the ideal companions to blend with our Doi Chaang Thai beans, we’ve picked some of the world’s best fair trade and organic beans to offer you an exceptional coffee experience!

Doi Chaang Coffee Co. is committed to strong community involvement and we are always looking for ways to connect with you. If you are passionate about a cause please share it with us and let us know how we can get involved.

We strive to have Doi Chaang Coffee recognized as one of the finest coffees available and its name synonymous with high ethical and sustainable business standards. We are committed to bringing economic and environmental sustainability to the indigenous AKHA hill tribe and Doi Chaang Village through our BEYOND FAIR TRADE® business practices to ensure shared economic sustainability and prosperity.

beyond fair trade
Our strength isn’t just the quality of our coffee – it’s also about our unique and essentially equal partnership with the Doi Chaang Coffee farmers, the Akha Hill Tribe.

Our farmers have been gifted 50% ownership in the Canadian Doi Chaang Coffee Co. which is funded 100% by the Canadian side. All of this means we go “Beyond Fair Trade.” It’s not about being a charity – it’s a way to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of Doi Chaang Coffee for all involved – and that’s something we’re very proud of.

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