Earth's Choice

Earth's Choice is a company deeply committed to offering affordable, delicious and sustainable foods with the highest levels of food safety and unparalleled customer service.

Earth's choice™ stands for fairer conditions and better prices for our partners in developing countries who grow our products like coffee as well as cacao, banana, tea, fruits, etc. Fair Trade certification means more than guaranteed prices to protect producers when market prices fall. It means a world of trade justice and global sustainable development, shifting farmers and workers from vulnerability to security and self sufficiency. Please visit Fairtrade Canada for more information.

Find Peace of Mind
It’s simple, right? You just want to feed your family delicious, healthy and organic sustainable food.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Earth’s Choice works hard to make it easy for you – working directly with organic farmers, producers and suppliers – to make sure your food is sustainable and meets the highest quality standards with the lowest environmental impact.

Try our wide range of affordable, natural, organic and sustainable foods – for your nourishment and peace.

Join us in Our Mission

Our mission is based on the sustainability concept of linked prosperity. It’s an on-the-ground mission for where we live and interact with each other, and with our natural world. This is what we care about:

To improve quality of life for our farmers, trading partners, employees and customers.

To offer premium tasting, sustainable, affordable, natural and organic food products. Just read the ingredient labels.

To operate on a sustainable financial basis of profitable growth, using a mainstream market approach, in order to positively impact food industry practices and standards.

To commit to more sustainable industry practices – such supporting ocean-friendly practices to eliminate bycatch, protecting marine habitats, and by offering earth-friendly packaging.

Our Vision
Our vision is to create healthy and caring communities united by natural living, without compromising the ability of future generations in meeting their own needs.
We believe health and wellness for all begins with the way in which we farm, harvest, produce and package nutrient-loaded and premium-tasting foods whether from land or ocean, free from agrochemicals, additives, preservatives, refined sugar, hydrogenated oils and genetically modified organisms.

Our Promise
Our customers, partners and farmers are at the centre of what we do every day of the week.  We offer product choice, transparency, accountability and old-fashioned honesty so you can make the best choices to nourish yourself and your loved ones.

Our Goals
Build trust through supply-chain transparency and accountability, share ideas and update with accurate information around a pure, clean and life-supporting food system.

Our Products

Earth’s Choice artisan chocolates made in micro-batches to maintain the highest quality standards and with Belgium chocolate produced from Criollo and Trinitario cacao bean varieties of the Dominican Republic.

Let’s face it, you just want a great cup a coffee that is drinkable and delicious, satisfying and flavourful. So Earth’s Choice goes to a great deal of trouble to make sure you get it.

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