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The East Coast Coffee Company was established to showcase favorites of the Maritimes, where the relentless seas carve the landscape and mild the character of the inhabitants. These exceptional coffees are presented in ecological friendly, single serve format, making truly exquisite creations that are both convenient and fresh. Nothing reflects the soul and fortitude of a true ‘Maritimer’ like coffee.

Vibrant. Traditional. Genuine. Welcoming. Harmonious.

These are the words that describe the coffee and the people for which it was created. East Coast Coffee Company revels in the tradition and diversity of this exceptional place and in the coffee that tastes like “Home”.


EasyCup Single Serve Local Organic Fairtrade Coffee
The East Coast Coffee Company offers Organic Fairtrade Coffee for business to business (B2B) and online customer purchases.
Local organic coffee, Fairtrade, 90% biodegradable, and seriously desirable.

We have several Maritime eco-friendly coffee products available for K-Cups®, Keurig®, Keurig 2.0®, Cuisinart® or Hamilton Beach® coffee brewers. Our single serve organic coffee makes a wonderful edition to local restaurants, cafés, and local hospitality businesses who wish to offer Local Organic Coffee that is fair trade and 90% biodegradable.

We, at The East Coast Coffee Company, wish to one day have a 100% compostable product. Our coffee cup is not only a k-cup, but rather it has a soft-bottom, which differs greatly to most plastic hard-bottom kcup products used by most single serve coffees. The soft-bottom of our cups welcomes a more enjoyable coffee experience. This is due to the Bodum-like brewing, which allows the drinker to see and smell the coffee. The ring however, is made of a biomass plastic that is produced using organic plant materials, as opposed to the non-renewable petroleum oil based products. In addition, the bag and lid are also commercially compostable. East Coast coffee are not K-Cups, but rather biodegradable filters which are individually wrapped for optimal freshness.

Each time you rip open one of our single serve Local Fair Trade Organic Coffees, you will experience the Calm Seas of the East Coast.
The region of the East Coast is a natural wonderland of forests, farms, fresh water rivers, and ocean vistas. The numerous natural wonders of the East Coast are only out shined by our real treasure – the people who live here.

It only stands to reason that such exceptional people would create something that reflects their nature and values in a way that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Such is the case with the coffee offered in the East Coast Collection.

Located in Eastern Canada on a rugged Coastal port city and our traditions shine though in the brew. We know you’ll love our blends and brews as much as we do.

Nova Scotia
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