About Us

Equifruit is the Canadian market leader in Fairtrade-certified bananas. Established as “Equicosta” in 2006, company founders (and mother-daughter duo) Danielle & Julie Marchessault spent 18 months developing the Quebec market for Fairtrade-certified bananas before bringing in our first container of fruit in December 2007.

Since then, we have expanded to distribution in Ontario as well, and branched into other Fairtrade-certified, organic fruit such as grapefruit & avocados. We have wide distribution through Sobeys QC (for sale in the IGA and IGA Extra stores) and then sell in a large number of smaller grocery stores across central Canada.

We’re now a team of 4 passionate people, devoted to ethical business and fair fruit. We’re proudly Canadian: based in Drummondville QC but with representation in Montreal and Toronto.

Whether you’re a business looking to carry Fairtrade fruit, an advocate working on Fairtrade education in your community or a consumer curious about the fruit you’re eating, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Products:

BANANA: Equifruit has been importing Fairtrade-certified and organic bananas since 2007 and …mmmmmmmm YUM, are they good! We sell these premium bananas wholesale to large retailers and through a distribution network, in standard 40lb cases. If you’re wondering what 40lbs of bananas look like, think approximately 100 bananas or 20 bunches. (Did you know that bunches of bananas are called hands, and individual fruit are fingers? So 1 case = +/- 20 hands of bananas).

People say that organic bananas are a little sweeter and taste creamier than conventional bananas, but we’re in it for that sweet taste of social justice! We are importing Cavendish bananas – but we’re often asked for other varieties (plantains, baby bananas, red bananas). It’s tricky to move specialty varieties, but if there’s sufficient demand, we’re in – so speak to your retailer, then speak to us.

ORGANIC HASS AVOCADOS & RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT: We’ve worked in the past with a wonderful Mexican cooperative on these fruit – though the programme is on pause at the moment (March 2016) due to pricing challenges. Read more about our partners Pragor below!

Available Products: