Ethical Profiling

We help companies make ethical purchasing decisions

Ethical Profiling Ltd. is your partner in the practice of sustainable business. We team up with corporations to assess their environmental impact and act as a consultant, sourcing agent, and design house of high performance, socially and environmentally conscious, ethically sourced products. We work with our clients to define their vision and determine how best they may achieve an authentic commitment to the tenets of corporate social responsibility.
-Ethical Profiling creates opportunities for company’s to make ethical buying decisions without sacrificing style, quality, fit, function or price.
-The Company offers it’s clients opportunities to “close the loop” on their own product by integrating old programs into future ones – Closed Loop. For some clients, the company has been able to use the waste of a client’s existing promotional product to build future eco friendly promotional items (ex: Coca-Cola’s Vancouver 2010 Olympic product produced from Post-Consumer Recycled PET).
-Wherever and whenever possible, we consult our clients and provide them practical and meaningful ways to adhere to the three tenets of Corporate Social responsibility – People, Planet, Profit. (Because really – that’s what we’re all about!)

Sourcing Eco-Conscious Sustainable Products
We work with all of the major suppliers of Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products. Many of the ‘major’ promo products suppliers have started on the route to developing and supplying sustainable promotional items. Were on their speed-dial when they’re developing new items and we’ve got access to their existing items at preferred prices.

Designing and Producing Custom Eco-Conscious Sustainable Products
Yes… it’s true, what you are looking for may not yet exist - this is what really invigorates us. We have an in-house team of fashion designers and industrial designers who will help you develop new eco-conscious promotional products. We’ll source the raw material required, help you design your custom product, then work with our third party audited manufacturing partners both overseas and domestically to make your product a reality.

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