Fire Roasted Coffee Company

Who We Are

Recognized as one Ontario’s finest Specialty Roasters Fire Roasted Coffee Company is an artisanal coffee roastery located in London, Ontario. We have enjoyed great success in the past several years by partnering with the finest retailers, cafes and institutions in Ontario to serve the highest quality coffee available anywhere. We roast over 50 types of coffee, including over 20 single origins decafs and blends. 95% of our coffees are Fairtrade certified and many are Organic Certified and shade grown. Our fresh roasted espresso is second to none and can be further customized for unique style and signature. All of our long-term accounts have their own custom blends, thus creating a more personalized experience for their customers.

Our Story

At FRC we love our coffee, so much so that we stock the widest selection of coffee in Canada. But it isn't only about our selection - we know coffee. Our beans are roasted by chefs. We're artists, not assembly line operators, and we're involved in every step of the roasting process. We deal in quality, with a focus on social responsibility. We personally travel the world in search of the best cup of coffee, and we're committed to bringing that experience to our friends and customers.

Our mandate

To ensure everyone benefits from the coffee experience, from the grower to roaster to consumer.
It's not only about roasting and selling coffee (though that is a very amazing thing in of itself). We strongly believe in Fair Trade and Organic coffees. We are 100% Fair Trade Certified, meaning that 90% of our products are certified. What about the other 10%? These are typically exotic blends, that cost us far more than fair trade prices. While we love variety (we stock both Fair Trade and Non Fair Trade) we will always carry fairly traded and organic products in first priority if we can get them.

Available Products: